Games & Ice Breakers

A Few Little Tips

One of the toughest things in youth ministry is thinking of new and fresh games week after week!  We got you! As you scroll down, you are going to find a bunch of short games videos that we made to help you as you reach out to kids!  They are all tried and true and your kids will love them!
(When you have a few minutes, please watch the video on right called ‘Game On! How to Maximize Your Games.’ We put it together to help you get the most out of game time!)

No Sweat Games!

These chill games are easy, clean, and fun!

Flip Tac Toe

Cutout Pictionary

uno, Uno, UNO!

Dice 2-12

The Ice Cubes

Behind the Curtains

Semi-Active Games!

These games will get you moving, but nothing too intense!

Musical Body Parts

The Food Game

Toilet Paper Volleyball

Train Wreck

Fred's Game

The Jungle


Indoor Baseball

Active Games!

Get ready to run!!!!!

Basket-Ball Poubelle

Hockey Intérieur

Toe Fencing

Trash Can Ball

Indoor Hockey

The Great Basketball Race

Baloon Basketball

The Team Game

Two Line Tag

Egyptian Chariot Race

Circle Tag