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Dr. Jeff Street
D.Min, PhD


Jeff prayed to receive Christ when he was a young boy. Growing up in a divorced family, he learned to put his trust in God and find his purpose in Him. At the age of 16, he received a clear call to ministry while attending a winter camp for youth. After completing a year of Bible school and a Bachelor's degree in secondary education, he married Tonda and earned a Master's degree in Theological Studies (Old Testament). Today, they have six adult children all preparing for full-time ministry. Jeff & Tonda have worked in youth and mission ministry in the United States, Canada, and around the world for over 30 years. In 1997, they moved to Quebec, Canada, to assist French-speaking churches in developing their youth groups. Since then, they have personally started youth ministries in several churches and have advised many others. In 2002, they launched a French-speaking missionary organization based in Quebec called JET - Jusqu'aux Extrémités de la Terre (To the Ends of the Earth). They have since taken hundreds of French speakers on missions around the world and currently have full-time missionaries working in Eastern Europe and Japan. In 2011, Jeff earned his Ph.D. in Religion. The subject of his thesis was "From Mission Field to Mission Force" with the aim of creating a practical handbook to help missionaries transform their mission field into a sending center for missionaries. In 2012, he received an honorary doctorate in ministry. In 2020, they expanded their ministry to include the JeuneEcclesia program to help local churches improve their youth ministry and the Project 67 to help churches improve their ministry to parents of young teenagers. Jeff and Tonda have dedicated their lives to helping families and churches and would love to assist you in any way they can!